Barque of Dante ~ Warrior’s Ballad (lirik)

Barque of Dante
Barque of Dante Final Victory

album “Final Victory” (2009)
Mort Productions

Night falls and the fire burns brightly
Here we sat and listen to a song so sad
A song blows in the wind and a man remembered
A story of the old times and a love never ends

Where the mourning star rises lies a warrior
Who left his home and followed by the eagles trail
Who riding through the land with a horse so fast
Who’s living and dir and buried with his sword

With a belief of light in his heart
He head deep into the darkness of night
He brings life to the no-life land
He raise his sword and fight till death

He has no tombstone to carve his name
But a tree grows tall into the sky
All the birds and every flower tells his story
A story of a warrior and a love never ends

Xie Zhiheng – Vocals, Guitars (rhythm), Bass
Wang Hongyu – Guitars (lead)
Zhang Bei – Guitars (lead)
Lee Ying – Violin
Wei Jing – Vocals (female)