Nocturnal Rites ~ Shadowland (lirik)

Nocturnal Rites


album “Shadowland” (27 Mei 2002)
Century Media Records

What was the light that I saw before me
As I opened my eyes
Behold, the dream opens up
What’s the thing that I feel inside me
I can tell what will come
What has becomes of us all

Rise, Shadowland
A world of ice
A destiny, the final key
The dream has come alive
Rise up again
Open, Shadowland
A dream to be, eternally

Open, Shadowland

What’s the thing that has come to haunt me
The dream comes alive
Inside the gateway of time
At the dead lake of bitter waters
The future reveals
I see the end of the world

Jonny Lindqvist − vocals
Fredrik Mannberg − guitar
Nils Norberg − guitar
Nils Eriksson − bass
Owe Lingvall − drums
Mattias Bernhardsson – keyboards

Daniel Bergstrand



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